Great Travel Apps for 2017

To travel is to give food for the soul. And this year 2017, planning for your trips can be as easy as counting one to three. All you need is your iPhone and a smart, productive app and lo! – The world is yours. Jump from paradise to paradise and conquer every place your feet can take you. You don’t need a travel agent to help you make out your most unforgettable travel escapades. Be a tech-savvy traveller. Plan ahead, book a flight, wander around, stay in a convenient hotel, eat sumptuous dishes and meet new people – everything is in your hands. As long as you have the right travel apps to guide you – adventure will be right on your footstep.


Plan travel with Chipmunk!

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Is planning for a trip driving you crazy? Shake away your worries. Hipmunk is waiting all around to be your next favorite travel agent. It will deliver you to top destinations and stay up to date with their travel deals. Hipmunk will accommodate you in finding the lowest prices available on airfare as well as see the best flights arranged by “agony” in a unique layout.

You’ll also get price alerts, discover and book hotels directly, and search for places to visit in any continent, country and your favorite cities. You can also avail up to 60% off with “Tonight Deals” and email the app for personal inquiries and recommendations. Hipmunk is more than happy to dig for your travel questions. The bottom line of this app is: it offers an easy and fast approach to travel. Once you install Hipmunk, you’ll never go anywhere on earth without checking it first.


Accessing Velocity in your iPhone

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When travelling, tracking the best restaurants is as important as finding the best places to stay. Your adventure is incomplete without having a taste in a foreign restaurant or a local eating place. To keep up with the finest restaurants, Velocity has handpicked it all for you. Anywhere in Miami, London, New York and Los Angeles, you can grab a wonderful meal without dealing with too much hassle.

In the app, you can browse hundreds of highly curated restaurants such as L’escargot, City Social, Tokimeiti, Taberna Do Mercado, Pachamama, Ristorante Friscobalde, Restaurant Ours, Mele e Pere, Barrica and more. With the app’s brief layout of each restaurant’s dishes, specialties, features and highlights, choosing will become stress-free. On top of that, the app’s service lets you book a table and make swift reservations. Now you can spend your dining quest with ease.


For a smart and enjoyable walk

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Are you the type to enjoy urban walking? Do you revel in discovering unfamiliar routes and walking miles for hidden gems around a city?  Then Sidekix is what you are waiting for. This is a smart walking navigation app that helps you get around with the city’s highly rated places. Sidekix is used by travelers in over 100+ metropolitan areas worldwide such as New York, Washington, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, Vancouver, London, San Francisco, Paris, Toronto, Jerusalem, Berlin and many more.

If you’re an urban person and you like to experience every bit of what a city can offer by walking, Sidekix is on your side. The app gives you choices of routes to help you explore the city more and stop for a new place for your shopping, nightlife, food, and culture interests. Engulf in a fun and personalized urban discovery. City walking is the best way to know and appreciate a place. And you don’t have to do it alone – match it with this app and prepare to be blown away by the surprises you’ll soon encounter.


Scan flights in Skyscanner

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Save time and money searching for domestic and international flights by checking out Skyscanner.  Whether you’re looking for hotels, cars and flights – you name it. This is an all in one app to aid you plan on your next vacation. The icing on the cake is being able to find and compare hundreds of cheap flights anywhere in the world. This is perfect for travelers who want to spend less yet still enjoy a relaxing trip. It offers the best affordable prices on hotels, flights and car rental.

And with Skyscanner, you’ll never miss any price change as it will keep you notified. You can also find a great deal of inspiration with their “Top Deals” and explore top and curated destinations near your airport. The app’s new features include flight ratings, weekend getaways, watched flights, synchronized hotel, car and flight reservations and travel tips. The next time things get pretty tight on your wallet, you’ll know where to go. Book your cheapest airfare and land in your dream holiday.


An efficient way to monitor gas updates

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Travelling is always fun – but not until you run out of gas. However, you can always walk. That’s still another good way to explore and continue your adventurous journey though. But what if you’re stuck in an unknown, creepy, deserted road and it’s late at night, plus, reports of cannibalism are widespread in the place. You wouldn’t want to ruin your trip and get heart attack in no time. Well, just imagine the worst case scenario. Thankfully, Gasbuddy is there to save you from such thoughts and protect you from trouble.

This amazing app enables you to find the nearest and cheapest gas available. To find cheap gas – that’s the common goal of drivers after all. It’s all the same with Gasbuddy. Accessing this app will help you save a lot of money by tracking down cheap gas prices and sharing it to others. The app rewards users who report gas updates with points. It also features a Trip Cost Calculator to guide you in how much your next road outing will cost. Well, what’s good? You just found one great buddy with Gasbuddy.


Be advised with every trip you want

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Meet your mobile travel guru: TripAdvisor. You can be confident in pursuing your trips by getting advised on your your future destinations. The app enables you to access the latest reviews, photos and opinions by fellow travelers. TripAdvisor allows you to compare hotel prices from more than 200 hotels and find the right one for you. Moreover, by using “Near me now”, you can discover new and superb places you haven’t been before. This app works also like your own personal travel diary that allows you to save and share your travel ideas. Wherever you may go, TripAdvisor is just one tap away.

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