Interesting apps for food-loving spirits

What’s a phone without a quick comforting access of food? Food is downright important to one’s existence. And probably, every phone contains pictures of food, either a downloaded, a screenshot, or a saved one from unknown random sources. When it comes to food, there’s just no way you’ll let anything slide. It’s a simple pleasure to look at them and satisfy your cravings even through virtual appreciation. Whenever you’re in the mood to indulge in a coffee treat, learn a new recipe, try some fresh and fine drinks, fill your food bloglist, sweeten your taste buds with savory desserts, plunge in a cooking game, course a dietary health plan, or simply tantalize your eyes while waiting for the waiter to serve your order – it’s a full-pack food adventure via phone. If that’s what you are searching for, no need to go anywhere. Just sit, grab phone and open these delightful, tasty apps and fill your appetite.


It’s all about healthy eating for healthy living

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It takes a well-disciplined coach to drive you to fitness, and Runtasty is just the perfect one. Suit yourself with its nutritious, yet nonetheless mouthwatering accommodations. Through this app, you can access over forty-plus of healthy recipes available for all diets. There’s a wide ranged variety of recipes, kitchen hacks, simple tips, dietary health plan and restrictions that fit right especially if you are health conscious and diet-strict. It’s a must-have app, which can be an all around instructor and companion to reach a healthy and fit well-being.

Moreover, if you want a guide in picking the right ingredients for your favorite recipe, a mate for your shopping list, or some instructional step-by-step video to lead the chef in you into your successfully palatable cooking feat— you’ve got all you need with this cooking app. Polish your cooking skills with Runtasty. Runtasty is another  healthy, delectable culinary experience to take note.

Keto Diet

A selection of wide array of tasty meal plans

Source: Keto Diet App

While exercise is a necessary way to attain a healthy body, a healthy meal plan, likewise, is needed to ensure that you are providing the essential nourishments your body needs while being in an intense workout. Thus, if you have no idea  what meal to cook or you are running out of recipes to eat next in order to maintain a healthy diet, this app is the ultimate solution. Plus, it doesn’t ask for any fee for a tryout.

Your next great app-buddy is free to help you achieve the fitness goals you want. You can lose weight easily without hitting the gym while being in your busy schedule. You don’t need to head anywhere asking for healthy meal tips as the answer is  seated  right in front of you. Meal plans for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks are customized to let you keep track of right food choices at the same time save you from the hassle of extensive planning. So what are you waiting for? Try Keto Diet for a better diet and a healthier you.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner

Dinner just got more sumptuous

Source: AppBrain

The latest updated version of this app just made online culinary escapade even better. It’s one of the most popular food social app, spreading happiness in over 50 million kitchens of aspiring cooks worldwide. All the more reason why you should check out the latest improvements added, designed to further give a better service to its community.

This app is a blessing for those who can’t think of any recipes at the moment and a great source to discover new and splendid meals to serve. You can easily access collections of organized seasonal and year-round recipes, helping dinner become more sumptuous with less fuss and more fun. Aside from that, it’s easy to work with, has convenient options and upgraded features. Be one of those who can’t shake away from the app whenever cooking time comes near, and stay inspired with daily browsing. Basically, an app no food lovers should miss.

The Liquor Cabinet

Heighten the celebration with the perfect drink

Source: Mallory Faruggia

Make your choices more striking and broader with the help a highly-proven, sizzling liquor-and cocktail-app. The liquor cabinet lets you browse among the best, classic cocktail recipes  for every occasion you can choose from. You can spice up every party and spend less time hovering about what drinks to order in a bar by viewing the app’s assortment of essential, cocktail ingredients and bottles according to your taste and mood.

The version 2.0.0 of this imparts enhanced searching for flavor profile, clearer image content, faster load, updated notifications, database update and unit conversion. Besides, in every recipe outline comes its simple and clear display of specific ingredients, instructions and some insightful trivia behind each drink. Likewise, gear up your grasp in bartending skills with its expansive background about the tools in cocktail mixing and a variety of glasswares required for each beverage.

Kitchen Stories

What’s your kitchen story?

Source: AppAdvice

This is the app you’ve all been waiting for. With their motto getting across users worldwide – “Anyone can cook”- inspiration is all at the tip of your fingertips. Described as a user-friendly app, Kitchen Stories aims to create interaction for food lovers to connect with each other while plunging in a cooking venture. Well, cooking has never been this enjoyable with the help of this exciting app. This online wonder is a full-packaged app where you can have your own personalized shopping list, create a diary cookbook to save memorable kitchen memories, follow step-by-step instructions through organized photos, watch easy, instructive how-to videos  and discover wonderful and different recipes. All you need for a comfy, convenient and fun cooking session is provided by Kitchen Stories.


Moreover, its latest version 8.4.1 heightened the fun with its improved, smooth sailing usage and resolved remaining bugs. Make the kitchen your favorite place to stay with “Kitchen Stories” and conquer the world of cooking through your phone. Start your kitchen story now!

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