Top Free IOS Applications of 2017

There are lots of recent advancements in technology yet there are those who bag the fame with millions of download. For iPhone users, you might be looking for some new and exciting applications. Behold because these applications that we will be listing down are free of charge! Not a single penny will be slashed out of your budget. Just download and enjoy the goodness of some of the top free IOS applications of 2017.


When an adorable creature has evaded social media

Source: Bear-writer


Bear is not just a typical giant creature in the wild, but also rather a fascinating IOS app. A development project by Shiny Frog, this new note-taking application is one of the most downloaded free apps of 2017. The charming writing application uses an accessible three-paned design— the biggest column for your current note, the smaller column for your notes in inverse-chronological order and the left-most column for the notes that you’ve pinned together with your tags. You can craft notes, codes, prose, and even sketches. Not only that, link notes and use hashtags to connect to more people. The app also highlights the ‘focus mode’ that will help you concentrate and keep in track with your writing. The beautiful features included in the app will surely tickle IOS users, especially those with flair in writing. So, if you need something for your writing gigs, then might as well give Bear a try and be enthralled with this captivating and flexing writing app.


For a more fun and enjoyable video editing

Source: Apple

Just this April, Apple launched a new video editing app named Clips. This recent social app is quite a hit for iPhone users who love making videos. Significantly, the world seems to be drawn to funny clips and viral videos. Hence, such IOS advancement will make the virtual world more accessible and enjoyable. It is very easy to use with heaps of fascinating features such as line titles, fun effects and emojis, and many more. Just a few clicks and taps, you now craft your own video with amusing texts, graphics, filters, effects, and music. Forego the difficult editing tools and shoot a live clip from your library. The app lets user create and combine shareable videos to anyone in the world. All your videos can be shared to popular apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, and other hit social media platforms.


Your virtual business partner

Source: Game400

A great app for your business ventures, Pyrus incorporates everything that is needed for a successful and convenient team communication— from real-time messaging to file sharing. This professional tool is free and easy! The app is not just limited to keeping in touch with your colleagues but also in providing all the essential main desktop tasks such as approving documents, assigning tasks, sharing files, editing profiles and more. No internet connection? No worries! Continue with your work even if you have no connectivity. Your updates will spontaneously synchronize with your account as soon as you go online. And to make it more accessible for professionals, you can enjoy this expedient app with your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.


Be prepared before you leave your home

Source: iMore


The weather can be very unpredictable, and sometimes you are caught off guard with its little surprises. With a recent IOS app, you can now make certain preparations daily. AccuWeather is a renowned company that gives all the essential and timely weather predictions. And its team up with Apple is downright significant knowing that weather forecasts are very important. The application highlights certain features like 15-day projection, animated weather information, radar maps, hyper-local minute-by-minute forecast and many more. Extra attributes like crowd-sourced warnings, customizable weather details, and updated weather-related videos make AccuWeather a reliable virtual buddy. Keeping in track with the unpredictable weather conditions has never been easy.


Video-watching at its best

Source: Fire Core

Watching your favorite series or movies with stumpy specs is simply unflattering. And worst, sometimes you cannot watch them because of unsupported format. With Infuse, say goodbye to unappealing videos and say hello to the captivating clips. The newly updated app is packed with heaps of exciting goodies such as split view, iCloud sync, ‘Up Next’ list and more. The recent upgrades also made the app more optimized for a better viewing and greater compatibility. It now supports more file types than ever and even uses iCloud to store all your files. In case you do not know, Infuse is one of the limited apps that are fully certified by Dolby Digital Plus and DTS. And to top it all, the app allows you to discover, stream and even download your favorite videos by just creating a copy of those in the iCloud. Since you can now store your movies, this also means that it can be accessed with different cloud services like Google Drive, One Drive and Dropbox.


Stay fit with Fitbit

Source: Macworld

Trying to lose weight can be pretty intimidating. Tough routines, daily runs, and crazy diets are all complicated to keep track with, but downloading a useful IOS app will definitely make it more manageable. Mobile fitness apps have now become a tool in achieving your dream body as they serve as your health assistants in the virtual setting. Fitbit is one of the top fitness applications you can download in your iPhone. Fitness enthusiasts can now have a healthy lifestyle in the most fun way. Use the activity trackers to log your weight, count your calorie intake, and input other health data like glucose levels and blood pressure. Not only that, you can track, not just your workouts, but also your sleeping sessions. Live a livelier and healthier life with the help of this fitness app for free! Losing weight has never been this easy and comfy.


Offline reading app for everyone

Source: Gigaom

Many will certainly fall head over heels with Pocket, an offline reading app that allows you to view your saved files without internet connection. The great thing about Pocket is its striking features that include offline reading, tagging, platform syncing, and cross-device. It allows you to access your stored files with not just one particular device, but with many available options.

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