The Most Popular Messaging Apps of 2017

Gone were the days when you still have to walk for long miles and rely for a bird to carry your message. With the advancement of messaging apps, communication has totally evolved into a whole different level. These days, you can send texts, make long-distance calls, and use video chat with people from other countries, without having to go in your wallet at all.  The progress of messaging apps gives convenience in people’s both personal and professional lives. These mobile apps have several advantages. It reduces time and money, ensures better privacy, at the same time, provides expressive and lovely emoticons. Step up your game when it comes to communicating and select the right apps for you. Here’s what you need.


Translation of emoji – structured sentences

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Not many messaging apps are designed like Wemogee. It is unique, in a way, that it provides convenience for people struggling from communication disorders. The app is intended to help people communicate easily amidst challenging language disorders like Aphasia. Through a useful and simpler layout, they can be able to correspond with their family and friends in an approach they can easily understand. Instead of words, texts are automatically translated into logical sequences of emojis. The emojis, representing different emotions and gestures, break the barrier of verbal difficulty among aphasic patients. On the other hand, non-aphasic users can likewise interact by sending and receiving message in text form.


Stay connected with Viber

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Viber is a popular messaging app used by 800 million users across the world. Through your internet connection, you can connect freely with your loved ones or meet-up virtually with your business associations. You can send messages, photos, videos and files in an easy and efficient set-up. Aside from that, the Viber Out feature also allows you to connect with non-Viber contacts. Making long-distance and international calls is hassle-free while making sure that all your calls and messages are highly secured. You can express yourself more with a huge selection of stickers as well as delete unwanted messages. It’s as simple and as effective as that.


Your security is a priority

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While messaging is easy nowadays, making sure your privacy is guaranteed isn’t always the case. Everyone wants to protect his or her own privacy while staying connected. Open Whisper System’s Signal is an app to make sure you’ll never have to worry with security issues again. By using this, it is assured that all your messages and phone calls are end-to-end encrypted so you can speak freely and be yourself. Send texts, files, photos, group messages and videos with confidence anytime. Signal is an all-in-one messaging app you can trust.


Extensive group chat experience

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Can’t separate from your groups? GroupMe is the solution. Chat with no limit to all your groups— may it be your schoolmates, coworkers, friends, roommates, travel buddies, family and more. Reach them anytime using this app by adding any of your contacts to your respective groups via their phone number or email address. Always stay connected with multiple groups and leave no one behind. Not only that, the app is packed with loads of emojis to choose from and a set of gallery to save several memories you and your groups had. So whether you’re organizing for a party, planning for a group study, or attending for a team building even— you’ll have easy and broad access to everyone. Chat with as many group as you want, the more the merrier, as the saying goes.


Communicating with ease

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What’s up with WhatsApp?  This fast and reliable messaging application lets you exchange messages and calls anytime and anywhere you are.  Send phone calls, chats, photos to your phone contacts as well as chat with large groups of people with WhatsApp’s Broadcast tool. When text is not enough, you can go face-to-face with video calls and customize notifications. You can also send documents, slideshows, PDFs and spreadsheets for easy access and sharing. Besides, the app is built with an end-to-end encryption so your privacy is always safeguarded. WhatsApp is a hands-on, uncomplicated way of getting your messages across with a manageable and secure service to depend on.


Adorable stickers to add in your messages

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With more than 600 million users around the globe, Line brings you an expanding platform in getting your messages straight to your friends and loved ones. This is a full-featured social networking app that enables you to send video calls, messages, photos and videos, international calls and choose from a selection of animated characters and stickers. You can also post your daily activities, chat with multiple groups, as well as connect and find celebrities’ accounts. This communication app is a great platform for sharing your thoughts and discovering new experiences. Furthermore, it provides an open door for exciting entertainment and lifestyle apps to triple the enjoyment. Line also offers a new feature to let you make group calls with over 200 people to match your interests.

Go SMS Pro

Captivating themes for your texts

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Undeniably one of the most popular messaging apps, Go SMS Pro is still part of the best of the bests when it comes to texting tools. The app blasted other messaging apps because of its fascinating characteristics that include dual SIM support, SMS blocking, privacy box, and hundreds of charming themes. In addition to that, you can also send private and encrypted messages and even add heaps of cute stickers and emojis to your text. And to make it more accessible, Go SMS Pro is free of charge. So, there no need to spend your hard-earned money with just an app.


Text with Textra

Source: Tech Regar

Last but not the least, Textra is a strong contender among the best texting apps of 2017. With more than a million download and highly-recommended features, this app is definitely a nice pick for communicating your loved ones. There are different themes for everyone, and it even comes with a nice support for various messaging apps. Just like most apps, Textra is also free, but you can unlock the premium version for a more exciting texting session.

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