The Best and Newest Gaming Applications of 2017

It’s no surprise how game apps often occupy the majority of space in anyone’s phone. Gaming applications of this generation have evolved tremendously and it doesn’t stop. To think about it, there is no age limit in playing all of them. And having this platform makes the play all the way more fun and exciting, with millions of choices available for your catch. What with the wider and clearer screen paired with stimulating and fresh gaming apps, it’s an experience like no other. Just like any other applications, they’re worth the time and money. If you are a hardcore gamer, these apps should definitely catch your eye. Or if you are a newbie looking for some mind-boggling games to absorb yourself in, check this out and discover what suits you best. Save your time and ready yourself with the newest and finest gaming applications of the year!

Old Man’s Journey

A colorful and dazzling visual art

Source: ZAM

Are you in for a ride of emotional and life adventure? Then this game should definitely add up to your selection. Throughout the game, you will encounter life lessons, universal truths as you follow the old man’s journey and his interactions with the people he comes across with. Packed with incredible animation, stunning landscapes, exceptional hand-drawn art style and lively graphics, this game will totally bring awe to your eyesight at the same time make you feel like a kid again. Old Man’s journey offers not just an invigorating puzzle game but also an engaging and touching storytelling of life’s treasurable moments harmonized in a splendid soundtrack. It is one of the most unique and heartfelt mobile games you can access.


Have fun figuring out the words

Source: Touch Arcade Forums

If you’re the type to enjoy word challenges, then Antitype should be one of your types. It’s a puzzle of opposites, with contrasting pair of words that are presented for you to decipher. Arranging the letters can be tricky and can stimulatingly test your knowledge about words. Each level ranges from easy to extremely complex identification of paired opposites. But it doesn’t take away the fun, it increase even more at each level.  Moreover, the game is crafted in a minimalistic design and colorful layout. One thing’s for sure, Antitype stands out from other word puzzles and is simply addicting. Once you start shuffling, you just can’t stop shuffling for more.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series

Dive in the action

Source: BT Games

Calling out all Marvel fans! Casted with compelling characters, namely Groot, Star-Lord, Gamora, Rocket and Drax – Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series is a one great catch for Marvel Comic lovers. The story centers on the heroes, who upon their battle, discover a relic of great power, and each aim to own it. But before they can acquire it, they have to protect it from a ruthless being who desires to take it away from them at all costs. It is based on the Marvel comic series and film, so the name doesn’t sound foreign at all. Packed with action and adventure in all five episodes – be sure to enjoy and survive throughout the series.

Under Leaves

Simply engaging and comforting art style


Once in a while, you would want to indulge in a relaxing game while savoring the ticking of time. If you’re tired of cracking your brain solving complicated mind games and moving your fingers tirelessly jumping up and down, smashing enemies and out-of-the-world creatures, there is no better choice than playing Under Leaves. The app is designed in a remarkable watercolor illustration and soothing sounds of nature. Calm your nerves while exploring yourself in the depths of the jungle, ocean, forest and stay in touch with nature. Get lost but don’t bother to find yourself, you just have to find certain objects that the animals you will later encounter while you’re on your journey might need.  Unlike other games, Under Leaves is created to de-stress rather than stress you. No hassle, no pressure, no breaking of sweat – just plain meditation.

Iron Blade: Medieval Legends

An intense ironlike game

Source: Youtube

Have you ever wanted to be a hero? Well, then this is your time for spotlight! This game is created to awaken your heroic spirit and be the Iron Blade-bearing savior The Templars has long waited for. Release your inner swordsman and combat dark enemies from destroying humanity and submerging in darkness. Moreso, save the world from the hands of the Demon Lord Baal as he returns to threaten and create havoc all over. Unleash your strengths and defenses as you embark with other players in a battle where you can unlock legendary weapons, spells and powers. Impressive visuals, solid mechanics and fantasy-like feels – everything is about to get tougher. Fight with glory, save the world!

Guns of Boom

An explosion of fun and combat

Source: GunsofBoom

Game insight has just released the biggest hit of 2017, a multiplayer shooter game that is rapidly growing and taking the centerstage of the online gaming world, accumulating more than a million of downloads since May 18. From the title itself – “Guns of Boom”, the hardcore game created a BOOM worldwide through its impressive gameplay and intense battlefield backed up with a selection of various deadly GUNS to make you a fully-armored, in-command shooter. And what’s more? The controls are easy and accurate, allowing you to directly shoot enemies from afar with rewards awaiting after your battles. Together with its awesome animation and cool features, it’s an explosive package of fun and tension. Be amused while firing head-on and make sure to shoot with a boom. Happy gaming, soldier!

A Normal Lost Phone

Not your normal mystery game

Source: Game Jolt

Not your normal mystery game

It’s time to break away from bloodsheds and embrace mysteries. With this sort of game, your investigation skills and imagination will be tested. This app navigates a  unique way of unraveling a story, which highly goes along with the trend. Well, the simple gist of the game is about a normal lost phone, yet the interesting part is discovering the story behind it and the lost owner, himself. You will have to explore, if not intrude, the unknown person’s privacy through his phone, including his personal messages, mails, applications, accounts and photos. Sooner or later, you will begin to bump on some more personal matters and realizations. Although it’s one big violation to snoop around someone’s privacy in real life, this game is, nonetheless, a one tough game to tickle your wits.

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