Seize the day with the best weather apps to always get you posted.

Getting updated with the weather has gotten easier and instant nowadays. Through the help of several mobile applications, people are able to keep track with weather forecasts anywhere and anytime they want to. There’s no need to wait or try to keep up with the television for weather updates in long durations. Whether you’re in an office or any place secluded from weather info, being informed is not a problem. Numerous apps are changing the game on how you can stay updated with the latest and accurate forecasts. No more fortune-telling and unexpected soaks and sunburns. You can trust these apps to enlighten you with up-to-date, reliable and more advanced news to redesign the way you get notifications about the weather.

Dark Sky

Simple yet accurate interface

Source: Life Hacker

Weather forecast doesn’t get much better with Dark Sky. It delivers precise predictions about hyper-local weather conditions so you can always stay alert no matter where you are. Once you start accessing this app, you will be notified with important and detailed information on a daily basis. Before a snow or rain starts to drop, Dark Sky will carefully notify you right on your lock screen. Besides, it provides stunning and slick visualizations that you’ll most likely not find in other weather apps.


A detailed report for rain awareness

Source: Paste Magazine

Constantly wondering when it’s gonna rain next? With the crazy, changeable weather, you can’t be always prepared.  End all of your frustrations by downloading this incredible app. Become an expert when it comes to rain updates and remain confident while attending to your daily errands. When it comes to RainAware, there’ll be no more surprises and unexpected showers. No need to cancel your trips and flights by controlling how you get weather information. Stay aware all the time. It’s about time to embrace certainty.


A snowy day in Tokyo

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This weather app is one thing you can watch all day. While you can grasp excellent weather updates, you can at the same time, enjoy rich animations that is flourished in the app. Each forecast is being paired with the matching current weather situation. So, if your place starts to rain, then the background will likewise automatically start to pour raindrops. There’s a variety of animated landscape views designed to soothe users at any time of the day. The app offers information where you can grasp about the current humidity, pressure, temperature, wind speed, and precipitation. It’s an interesting way to represent weather conditions at all times.


A broad radar mapping

Source: 148Apps

If you’re a dedicated weather aficionado, Radarscope is the right place for you to land in. Though the cost is a little lofty, it shouldn’t go in the way for weather buffs who really want to stay knowledgeable about weather radar. You can be enlightened about velocity, precipitation, dual-polarization, reflectivity and several metric data. It also delivers Nexrad Level 3 weather radar from South Korea, Puerto Rico, United States and Guam. You can examine radar data in high resolution, professional and superior service. Moreover, you’ll also receive detailed weather alerts for thunderstorms, tornadoes and flashfloods. By the power of this app, you can go storm-chasing anytime you want without being clueless of what’s coming. If you’re an ultimate weather enthusiast, Radarscope should surely be your favorite.


For accurate weather data you need

Source: Droid Life

From the name itself, AccuWeather delivers accurate weather reports. It is being used by billions of people every day and translated into more than 100 languages due to its remarkable and excellent service. The app not just offers great weather comprehensiveness but also simple yet artistic features. Let this app guide you in pursuing all your plans anywhere you are. Get updated with its advanced and detailed weather forecasts. Whether you are planning for a vacation or heading for a flight, you can spot the weather accurately with the magic of AccuWeather.

The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel’s daily weather forecasts

Source: Google Play

This is a well-rounded, full-packaged app to let you keep track of weather condition. Go head to your exciting outdoor activities by keeping up daily with The Weather Channel.  You have everything you need in this app. It offers daily and advanced 15-day forecast, info about the UV index, speed, humidity and wind, monitor weather alerts from severe flooding, lightning, storm, and hail. It also features social weather where you can interact with other users to share the current weather update or report any local condition.

Aside from that, there’s also a display of forecast videos for you to watch and view weather-related stories. What’s also great with this app is that it is very useful for people who enjoy going outdoors but suffer from allergies. The Weather Channel will help you be aware if the weather is good for your activities and provide high-risk allergy alerts with their improved allergy tracker.  This app is an all-around weather app experience.

Carrot Weather

Animated display of weather update

Source: iDownloadBlog

Carrot Weather brings a fresh breeze of unique weather service. This app is nothing like you’ve seen before. It showcases an interesting and humorous way of delivering weather forecasts. Like all weather apps, it lets you stay informed with weather news. You no longer have to predict when the rain or snow will precipitate as Carrot will do its job. But this app has its own twists. While you are being showered with information, you’ll hear Carrot’s dialogue in a hilarious but nonetheless precise forecast. Carrot, the weather robot, keeps you fun and informed at the same time. Furthermore, it lets you access various data from radar and satellite maps, barometric pressure, snow amounts, UV index, visibility, wind speed and direction, dew point, moon phase, humidity, to sunrise and sunset times. At any weather condition, Carrot is there to serve and amuse you.

Weather Underground

Viewing Weather Underground in a phone

Source: Android Central

Weather Underground is known for its reliably great hyper-local forecasts. With over a network of 200,000 amateur and personal weather stations, it’s among the largest zone of online weather stations powered up to let you grab easier access in weather reports. This app grants that you are never unprepared with the changing weather, wherein you can find meteorological data on radar, daily rainfall, UV index, wind speed, pollutants and hazard reports. With its WunderPhotos tile, you can also view spectacular weather photos while checking for updates.

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