Social Enterprise Apps Next Big Thing for Companies

The huge popularity of enterprise applications is driven by many factors and the adoption of corporate social networking applications holds a leading position among them. This application has proven its usefulness in increasing sales, productivity, improving customer service, enhancing product development and in generating many other benefits for the business. It has been predicted by a senior IDC official that by 2020, we will forget about the term corporate social applications because all applications will be social. I feel that this will be a great advance as the app is primarily meant to improve coordination between employees and departments. The most important purpose of this application is to connect the people in the organization to help it function efficiently. IDC conducted research last year, which revealed that 67 percent of the 700 US-based companies surveyed said they planned to implement a social media system.

Most US-based companies use corporate social applications to connect with employees and customers, and these applications are a critical component of their decision-making process. In addition, companies that are still stuck with traditional but stable software systems add to be compatible with corporate social applications. In these circumstances, ROI should not be looked at in isolation but by analyzing the benefits this concept will be given to the main business. Other software giant officials say they have observed that by using corporate social applications, time to market is significantly reduced. Its use also results in improved customer service, and increased product sales.

Many other business owners have used social media layers in their company applications and implemented them, wherever needed. This helps subject matter experts sitting in one country to connect with project managers working in several other companies. The use of social media apps also helps business owners tap into talent, wherever possible. It has been observed that due to the ongoing economic downturn many countries find it difficult to track and implement capable talent in IT jobs. Further demographic changes have led to many retiring and there are not enough talents available to overcome the scarcity. By using corporate social applications, these flaws can be leapfrogged and talents can be traced easily.

This characteristic is expected to change the definition of the term “social”. With more companies, starting to use corporate social apps, the term social is expected to represent a lot of action rather than just watching a notification, opening it, watching it and liking it. Not! Once this app is adopted by businesses, the term will have more to do with gathering information, participating in processes and creating leadership.

Enterprise social applications go hand in hand with the concept of cloud computing and these features will help businesses in the future a lot. These two concepts help each other in quick and simplified data sharing between team members and departments. We’ve seen some apps in the Google family like google docs and Gmail run efficiently in the cloud and help people access documents, study them, edit them, and store them in the cloud again. This has freed businesses from attaching files in emails, as the file location can be shared as a link in the email itself.

This combination is the most suitable and effective clustering to replace the unstable old generation software model that costs thousands of dollars annually for maintenance, updates, virus protection, and other problems. It is estimated by experts that the combination of enterprise social applications and cloud computing will change the face of business forever to make it more efficient, productive and dynamic.

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