Top Health and Fitness Apps of 2017

Having a fit and healthy body is not an overnight process. It may take several weeks, months or even years just to achieve something you truly want. Sometimes, you don’t get motivated to sweat it out because you aren’t following a timeline or simply you get lazy. Well, it’s time to get active and welcome a healthier you with the help of these health and fitness apps. Remember, nothing worth having comes easy. So, tune up your lifestyle for a better and stronger version of yourself.


Sweat and work it out

Source: MacSources

Downloadable for IOS and Android phones, Sworkit is one of the top picks when it comes to getting fit and fab. This extensive fitness app comes in a very stimulating style with all the motivational features that you need, from wide array of workouts such as yoga, cardio, and core training to calming daily stretches. Sworit gives you the chance to personalize the video workouts that fit well with your lifestyle. Aside from that, your results can be synchronized to other fitness apps like Google Fit and Apple Health. And if you sign up for premium, you can get advices from real trainers.  Swear to be leaner, fitter and stronger with Sworkit!

Charity Miles

Help while you sweat

Source: Syracuse University’s iSchool

Are you ready to cast off those unwanted fats while also helping your favorite charity? Charity Miles is a great app that can help you achieve both. Yes, every run, walk, cycle can earn you money for a charity in need. There’s no need to cash out your funds because through living a healthy lifestyle, you can help the less fortunate. Corporate sponsors pledge a certain amount for each mile you input in the app. There are more than 30 participating charities you can choose from such as Habitat for Humanity, World Wildlife Fund, Save the Children, Girl Up, Operation Smile and many more. Start giving back by making your workouts count through Charity Miles. Remember, every little thing counts.


Stay fit with Jefit

Source: Android Authority

This data-driven app helps you stay motivated with your dream body as it provides personalized workouts, health planner, exercise database, and fitness improvements. Whether you are a newbie athlete or an expert bodybuilder, Jefit will act as your virtual workout buddy and will support every step of the way— from initial trials to more complicated routines. Yes, it serves as your own personal trainer for free! Continue with your workout session even if you could not connect to the net because your data will be automatically synced to a server as soon as you have connection. So, the next time you head on to the gym, don’t forget to download and enjoy Jefit.


Track your health

Source: iMore

For avid runners and cyclists, the best app that should be in your phone is Cyclemeter. With several exciting attributes such as charming graph outputs, tracking data, training plans and more, you’d never run out of things to make your day productive. The well-thought-out features make you maximize your workouts to the highest level— like keeping in track with your heart rate while you race or syncing your updates to your social media accounts. It also allows you to export your training logs into different formats. Whether you go mountain biking, hiking or running, experience a more exhilarating journey with Cyclemeter.

J & J Official 7 Minute Workout

The best 7 minutes of your life

Source: Google Play

Seven minutes is more than enough, really. And J & J Official 7 Minute Workout helps you make the most out of the limited time. Don’t go wasting your time with the extensive array of workout routines that include almost a hundred exercises and different motivational schemes. Do your personalized circuit trainings while you listen to your favorite songs or swap various workouts while watching the clock. Well, you can also stick with the original 7 Minute exercise. And for a more striking session, take a snapshot of your training and share it with your friends. Then, track your progress by logging your achievements daily, and see how much you’ve changed for the better!


Intense workouts on the go

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Technically, not for the fainthearted. With high-intensity exercises and heavy-duty drills, it will take you less than twenty minutes to deliver optimum results. But even if you are a beginner, there will be routines scalable for newbies and inexperienced athletes. Follow your workout and you’ll see the difference even in a few weeks. And you actually don’t need to visit the gym because you can sweat it out anywhere, as long as you have Keelo. Just less than an hour at your home, and you can stay fit. Hence, this app is ideal for those busy individuals who can’t afford to waste time on the road.

Nike + Training Club

Train with the one of the bests

Source: Bombette

Nike, one of the most notable sports brands of the century has also jumped into the virtual setting to support more and more individuals in staying fit and healthy. Welcome to the Nike + Training Club, a team that is jam-packed with all the needed workout essentials for a stronger and fitter body. Serving as your personal trainer, Nike assures that you will not get tired with the numerous routines and trainings you can do every day. The instructional videos and motivational clips help you master the techniques, and eventually pump up your adrenaline rush to do better. And in case you don’t feel like following the routines, then don’t worry. The world-class virtual Nike trainers are willing to assist you in making your own personalized plan that will adapt with your lifestyle.

MyFitness Pal

Your virtual workout pal

Source: Kerala Magazine

An easy-to-use app for a healthier you, MyFitness Pal is your buddy to achieve your dream body. Studies show that the greatest way to lose weight is by living a healthy lifestyle. And yes, that’s absolutely true. It’s not just about working it out, but also your food intake. What you eat is what you get! And with this health-conscious app, you can now keep track of your consumption. Lose the healthy way with the millions of food choices in the database, all of which are yummy and healthy. Make your own nutritious and sumptuous recipes or buy the advisable foods, then scan the barcode to know the nutrient content. Amazing, right?

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